Monday, August 4, 2008

Longing For Something Deeper...

This does not apply to non-christians.. But nevertheless, it's a good read..
Just some random thoughts I have recently..

Was talking with a brother on Sunday afternoon..
I don't remember in exact what was said (that I can print it out here exactly), but I was left with the impression that:-

Serving God = Being taken care of..

What is 'serving God' defined as?
As for the church I attend, it is the below:
i) Attend church on saturdays (for youth) and sundays(for worship)... and maybe thursdays.. (for bible study)
ii) Get yourself into a certain ministry, and do your best to share the gospel through that ministry
iii) serve unquestioningly and give your tithes
iv) whatever your gifts, you serve in what is given to you..

Honestly, that does sound like nothing more than brainwash fueled by legalism...
[I believe all Brethren churches or Gospel Halls fall into this trap all the time]

There has to be something deeper to knowing Him and serving Him..
No wonder so many people just get drained and burn out.. (at least in my church, I see it that way)
And it also sounds like emotional blackmail..
Yes, i know God doesn't need anything from us.. but the whole concept makes it feel like he blackmails us so we do good and kow tou to him...

It kinda feels like God is playing a heightened version of 'The Sims'

That is not the Jesus I know...


davidlian said...

One thing that's always puzzled me is that true conversion always has the Christian joyfully, willingly give up all he has in exchange for the eternal prize. Ref Matt 13:44 and the parable of the pearl.

How come so many Christians claim to be converted but unwilling to give up everything for the prize? Is it because we don't think the prize is real?

Randy Khoo said...

Maybe they were never converted at the first place?
I know it might sound off, but that IS a possibility right?

Same goes when the bible say no one who is a true christian will continue to sin, but still we do right?

It's either we're actually denying ourselves the right to the prize or that we were never recipients of it to begin with..