Wednesday, February 11, 2009

When Love Misfires

Something for all you singles out there to enjoy.

People say - It's better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all.
Utter rubbish!

It's better to have never been lost in love - I say.

The bitter elixir of intoxication can only be for a select few who are mindless enough to dare explore it's bile liquid.
A pretty packaging, but possibly a foul taste to the mouth.
Like a ship without sails, you'll drift along to the rocks.
Perhaps love can be this way.

Often it misfires and like a cannonball, plummets into the sea, never to be heard of again.
Some plays it safe, and closes in, to only blow everything to smithereens.
Some hold on in desperation to the gun, to only shoot themselves in the foot.
While others decide to never fire at all, and condemn their lives to distinct hermitship.

Perhaps such fools should never toy with love.
It's more devastating than a gun in the hand...
Frankly, a bullet to the head is less painful. Really...
Than to carry love baggages worth an eternity.

Perhaps such caviar is not for the ordinary palate.
For only a craftsman in taste could distinguish the exquisite from the ubiquitous.
And pursue such flavour throughout the days of their lives.

Instead, sad is the case of blind love,
The common symptom of a common cold life.
The reflection of the clinginess of the insecure.
A vicious cycle in the shape of hearts.

Happy Valentines Day 2009!