Monday, August 10, 2009

The Truth Is Found In Christ

I was at Hebrew class yesterday and we reached the last Hebrew letter in the Hebrew language.
The last Hebrew letter is the Tau ת

My Hebrew teacher said in Genesis 1:1 - there is an untranslated part that is the את (read from right to left)
In the beginning God [aleph tau] created the heaven and the earth. Genesis 1:1
It was left untranslated because it was something the Jews could not themselves understand.
The Aleph-Tau also appears in :
and they shall look upon me [aleph tau] whom they have pierced... Zechariah 12:10

It is made of the first letter Aleph and the last letter Tau - which is Aleph-Tau.

If you have studied Hebrew, you would know that each letter represents one or maybe more pictures.
Aleph - Sacrificial Ox, Strength
Tau - Cross, perfection

To go deeper in Aleph, you'll realise the letter is made of 2 yods and 1 Vav.
Yod - Hand,
Vav - nail, hook

Hence, looking at these insights, you would realise that Aleph-Tau is in fact a reference to Jesus Christ, who was the Son of God who came in the flesh. He took our sins and the law and nailed it to the cross. And the Father rose Him up again after 3 days and seated Jesus at His right hand.

The problem with many denominational Christians today are that some have without knowingly gone back to law (this stems from a lack of understanding what the law is, and what its effects are). Their beliefs and teaching are based on the Cross, but not on the complete and finished work of the cross.

IF WE COULD gain anything apart from Christ and his finished work - his coming would have been unnecessary. If salvation, rewards and blessings could have come through the law, Christ would have died in vain - but not so! For we have a righteousness that comes through His finished work at the cross.

Which is why the pouring out of the Holy Spirit on the day of pentecost so important.
To the Jew, Aleph-tau meant little to them - it was only a reference to God who is the beginning and the end.

But when the Holy Spirit was poured out, it filled the aleph-tau - producing truth - that is EMET - Aleph-Mem-Tau = Truth.

Dear Beloved Christian - each and every bible interpretation has to be based on the person of Jesus Christ's and His finished work on the Cross and tested according to the spirit.

If anyone attempts to seek truth without Christ or the cross, it may prove disastrous.
EMET minus the Aleph will product MET - which is death!
EMET minus the Tau - will produce Aleph-Mem Sopit = The Sacrifice Concealed

(this is because any letters that ends with a mem is transformed into its sopit form - which is Mem-sopit which meaning transforms from revelation to concealment)
To seek the truth without Christ and His finished work leads to spiritual death and blindness

Hence why, the truth, being in total has to be understood in total.
Truth - Aleph Mem Tau =
Aleph - sacrificial ox
Mem - reveal, Holy Spirit
Tau - Cross, perfection

=> the Sacrificial Ox Revealed at the Cross
Again the truth testifies the kind of freedom we receive by His finished work and has to be read according to it so.

May you be blessed! And may the truth set you free!


jaireidca said...

I think you need to get a new Hebrew teacher, because this one is engaging in Kabbalistic mumbo-jumbo.

The word is NOT untranslated, it is used as a mark of the accusative (direct object) used in this case with a transitive verb.

(See Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew-English Lexicon---it's used in Gen. 2:11, for instance with no connection to God at all--God is talking about rivers.

Anonymous said...

jaireidca please cut and paste this url, have a look:

Real Hebrew involves Qabalah mumbo jumbo cosmic gumbo soup dude.

Is this Evidence or a Coincidence?
The gematria value for the Qabalah is 137, this value was established hundreds of years BEFORE Richard Feynman suggested that "all good theorists write 137 on the wall and worry about it."
I ponder that number.
I also wonder if the 300 cubit = 450 feet = 137.16 meter Noah's Ark is another one of those 'coincidences'?

It really is too bad you are trapped by your own POV?
Whatever beLIEf defines you has put you into a box of baa baa baa nonsense?

Your hypocritical self serving analysis ends with this silly nilly statement that speaks volumes to a fella like ME:

"....for instance with no connection to God at all--God is talking about rivers."

PhDuh is there a connection to god or not?
Did god make the rivers that ignorant you is yapping about?
How does an ignorant critic like yourself 'know' what god is talking about?

PhDuh this is what I think god thinks.
What is good for the goose is good for the gander. ;)
What if All of god's THOTH thoughts flow to the Jews through the Hebrew alephbet?

The Hebrew alephbet could be ONE of those rivers that your silly nilly god was referencing?

What if?
...and this ONE river MEANDERS, or ZIG ZAGS from Aleph to Tau or is it T to A?
Or is it Alpha to Omega?
Or is it in the case of the Ganesha deity in the east from A to S?
A - aum
S - swastika

They all mean the same thing I mean to say, obvious to ME, invisible to the blind who cannot see what has been placed in plain view for all to see?

What direction did he go?
Your god, my dog?
...are you sure that magnetic ewe is not sniffing your own scat?

And one day you will find god as you continue to follow those scat tracks >>> down to Walden pond.

And in the reflection of the pond ignorant ewe will realize he has been chasing his own tail or is it tale all along?

>>> at37 1379 code <<<
Please cut and paste this into your browser and prepare to wake up as I drag you onto the middle path from way o'er yonder.
...ewe been straying off the path.