Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Greatest Deception

People have often said - the greatest deception of the Devil is that he wants you to believe he does not exist.

You know what? I don't think he cares about that.

The real deception is that he wants you to work with your own effort for what you already have through Jesus Christ at the Cross.

Think about it.

2 trees in Eden, law vs faith righteousness, work vs rest, etc...
Everything that is attacked, has already been given through Jesus Christ.

Eden - Adam already possessed God's glory. The Jews call it the Shekhainah glory. He was already in the state of Glorification (if you can call it that). The serpent came and offered Adam a lesser thing through the law, that is the forbidden tree.

Job - satan's charge against God was that Job was already in a state of immunity and blessing. He says that if that is lifted from Job, Job will in fact curse God for the removal. And turn away from God to human effort. [Naturally, with human effort meeting failure, one would be bitter with God]

Jesus - the serpent told Jesus to turn these bread into stones in Matt 4 - which in fact means taking your nourishment from the 10 commandments - that is the law! Satan tries to turn Jesus' ministry back to Moses'!

Present time - Churches are feeding fear of failure to people - so much so, they doubt their salvation when they sin, or that they are not rooted in righteousness, or that they are taught to obey some parts of the law and mix it with grace.

Lord Jesus, help us all to see your light.

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