Friday, April 10, 2009

Praise The Lord!!!!


I know I haven't blogged for long. But I just can't keep quiet about this.
I believe that when God fills a person so much that when it overflows, others will receive it.
May you received this and be richly blessed and deeply loved by our Lord Jesus Christ.
Maybe God will speak to you on this Good Friday.


It's 12.00am and I just walked out of the Mamak stall near my house.
I looked up, there were no stars, but the moon was shining full in it's glory.

Immediately, the Holy Spirit said -
The moon is a reflection of the Church and Jesus is the sun.
I was stunned.. It came to my understanding ->
That Jesus shines His light on the world, and the Church reflect that light in the moments of darkness(night)! Jesus said we are the light of the world! Not because of our own light, but His light! Not through our own Righteousness, but through the Righteousness of Christ!!!

That at the furthest point (lunar eclipse)[that when the Church is furthest from the light], the world will not see God's light. But when the Solar eclipse happen (when the Church stands in the light of the sun's glory - which also makes it nearest to the sun), the earth can look at the sun directly! (not for a long time, but God's meaning does come through!!!)
This means the Church is there to reveal God for all to see!

Then when the end times come, the moon will turn blood red. Why?
Coz when the rapture comes, God wants to remind the earth that it is the Blood of Christ that covers the Church (moon) - and they (the Jews and the rest of the world) should turn to Him for salvation!

Then God pestered me about the Feast of New Moon.
I quickly rushed home and checked on the internet to find out more about this.
Then I found out more!

1. Psalm 8:13 - blow the trumpet at the New Moon (it's a glorious celebration)
It's a celebration that God takes joy in - He takes joy in His Church/Bride and he urges everyone to rejoice!

2. Leviticus 23:24 - It's a day of rest and sacred!
That Jesus is the Lord of the Sabbath! In Him we find rest and peace in God the Father!
In the Hebrew text, it is Kodesh which means consecrated and made holy!
That's the Church folks!

3. Numbers 10:10 - that it is during this time the burnt offering and fellowship offering (also know as peace offering) is made.
That Jesus is our burnt offering and our peace offering with God!

4. Numbers 28:11-15 - grain offering, and drink offering (of wine), a pleasing aroma, a lamb offered. (also known as Feast of Trumpets - Numbers 29:1-6)
This is a picture of Jesus! The Bread and the Wine, God's Son whom He is well pleased, the Lamb of God!!!
If you search the Bible about the offering that is a 'pleasing aroma' to God, you'll find each and every one points to Jesus Christ!!!

5. Genesis 1:14-19 - God separated the sun and the moon from the world, to GOVERN the world!!!
God separated His Son and the Church to rule the earth as Kings!!! And God said it was GOOD!
Why 4th day? It points to the 4 gentile women in the line of Jesus Christ! - Ruth, Tamar, Bethsheba and Rahab!!!
All points to Christ as the groom and the Church as His Bride!

Unto Jesus be the Glory, forever and ever!

It's 1.18am now.. What a beautiful revelation on this Good Friday!
Praise God. Have a blessed Good Friday!!!

** Disclaimer:
This is not so you worship the sun or moon ok... God forbid you take this the wrong way!!!
But this is ALSO the reason why Satan fuels one of the most powerful religion today with the moon.


ruth tan said...

AMEN to that man ..
it is just awesome when you see things in a different perspective eyh ! Good job dude ! keep up the good effort :D

Randy said...

I can only praise God!
So overflowing leh!

And I cannot write/speak what God has not first empowered/given me...


ruth tan said...

yea man its really good to share these sort of thing coz it encourages others out there too !
good job !