Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dear Fellow Reader

Hi Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

If you've stumbled upon my blog, I would like you to invite you to check out my Facebook instead.
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I've been posting a lot on Facebook and not on Blogspot as it's kind of a double job to re-layout the HTML codes and all.

I hope you understand and may God continue to shower His love and mercy in your life.

Be at peace and be in Grace.


Patrick said...

What book did you get that said YHWH meant The open hand of grace, was nailed in grace. YWHW and Yahweh isn't even the same word. Get yourself a Strong concordance to find out the true meaning of Yahweh.

Randy said...

Hi Patrick,

I think you are unaware where I was coming from on this word.

YHWH to be exact, is pronounced Yehwah.

You see, every Hebrew letter is represented by a specific picture. Such as the first Hebrew letter - the Aleph which is a picture of a sacrificial ox or an offering.

Yod is the picture of an open hand.
Hey is the picture of grace.
Wav is the picture of a hook or nail.
Hey, again is grace.

It speaks exactly of Jesus Christ.
In fact, there is no other name under heaven for men to be saved.

RagamuffinLife said...

hey there. You should look for me on twitter @ragamuffinLife - first online missions organization.

Randy said...

Hi there brother,

Added you on twitter. add me too @randy_khoo