Sunday, July 5, 2009

2 Recent Lessons...

It's Sunday, 5th July 2009 - 1.30 am.

But I have 2 lessons I need to share with you today.

First Lesson
I was with 2 brothers and a sister today, and we were sharing the Gospel of grace with the sister.
And somewhat in my heart, I discerned that the sister was suffering what she was suffering because of a previous relationship with a man. And that she needed to hear that to be freed from her chains of the past. That she needed to know that God loved her despite of what 'that man' did to her...

But me being me, I opted to keep quiet. (as I always do)
Only after that sister was encouraged by the other 2 brothers and left did the brothers shared to me how that sister encountered an abusive marriage and suffered so...

This was the FIRST TIME we met...

I realise that some times God wants me to speak up on certain things. And perhaps as what I am encouraged to know - that's the kind of ministry that God is interested to use me for...

This experience has encouraged me to speak more boldly in the future rather that just blogging His truths that I've discovered.

Second lesson
At 1am, I finished an Old Town Cheras session with the usuals.
I was beat. Having been awake for the last 17 hours, my body showed signs of fatigue.
Plus the night before I had only 4 hours of sleep.

As I got into my car and leaving the car park, I got a call...
My friend's car had broken down. And his car battery was dead. Apparently he forgot to switch off the headlights..

So I drove back to the car park and we tried to kickstart the engine via human power - 'car pushing'.
Didn't worked.

Since we both didn't have jumpstart cables with us, we all jumped into my car and went hunting for a cable at nearby petrol stations. Finally found one...

We went back to his car, and I poped up my bonnet.
To my horror, my radiator reserve tank cover was open. It dawned on me that I have been driving around with the possibly of my radiator drying up.

I could only thank God that through such an intervention, did I realise that God's protection is on me.
And I have no doubt that my friend was put into such trouble for my sake...

It is SO TRUE that when you know how much Jesus loves you, His warm protection hedges you also!
I'm truly encouraged and this has reinforce my joy in trials...
Sometimes pain/distractions happen because God's protection is in motion.

Hallelujah and Amen!

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