Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Spiritual Gifts

Recently I did a spiritual gift test online.
You can try it too..

Here's my gifts according to the results:-
My top 10 gifts are -
Faith, Healing, Teaching, Encouragement, Missionary, Mercy, Apostle, Evangelism, Helps & Discernment.

I'm very surprised with my results actually.
Coz in 2002, I did a similar test at a RBS - Residental Bible Seminar in Camerons.
Back then I had the gift of Faith, Mercy, Leadership and Knowledge.

Lost my leadership and knowledge? Did my IQ dropped? lol! swt!!!

But Healing? lol..
I've never tried that actually..
Maybe I should practice it more and grow that talent. haha...

But it's good la.. at least the faith part counters the Phlegmatic's proneness to worry...
Hmmm.. is this fullness of faith the same as in Acts 6? LMAO!

But I find healing interesting coz - it's not just a physical healing, but also spiritual, mental and emotional too! Interesting!
I guess, i should learn to use it more for the Body.. hmmm...

Does this gift include my ability to listen (better than the average guy) plus my lavender and piano massages? hahaha...

And for the record, I don't know those Dukun Tenaga Batin massages - where the Dukun will sit 'bersila' while massaging sarong-wearing men... hahahaha

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